Hello world!

Hi! I’m Roger Meadmore – I’m 75 and I’ve packed a lot into ’em….starting with my earliest memory of my bunny-rug at 4, at eleven I was captain of the Darebin Junior Cricket team and mum used to drive us hither and yon to suburbs all around Melbourne. I don’t recall much of the scores and I couldn’t have been that good at batting or left arm slow spin bowling as I didn’t make the top team at Wesley College except as Scorer, usingmy neat script that had won me Moby Dick for exercises the year before!

I left school at 17 with my Leaving Certificate and ran my father’s model shop in Auburn called the Hobby Den. My brother Clem and his wife Enid lived above as he did many design things working on becoming much later a world famous sculptor. (They are both dead now.)

I hated running a shop and escaped to National Service in the RAAF at Point Cook. Whilst there I took up flying training at Moorrabbin on Tiger Moths. Years later I owned a Tiger for 34 years. Wonderful aeroplane – you never lose the thrill of really flying – and it was the best “bird-puller” you can imagine – chopping up a toilet roll from 4000 feet with loops and stall turns was a real buzz.

Still a virgin (those WAAFs in the Air Force were SO attractive) I went ot William Angliss Food Trades School and learned to cook under Chef Walter Zimmerman (“Ven is brown is done and ven is black is buggered up!”)  I rode a Lambretta to school each day and got booked for doiung 54 miles and hour. Thereafter Chef called me Speedy Gonzales. That year was great and I worked at the Windsor Hotel as a larder cook and played pontoon in the breaks with 7 other cooks. I also met one of the Waitresses, a 24 year old trainee nurse, Patricia McMartin, who also liked  Jazz and tennis and making love, which I was keen to learn….(If you’re reading this Patricia, please get in touch – I’ve made umpteen phone calls in Melbourne trying to find you but to no avail.)

From cooking, earning $24 a week I went to Menzies Hotel as a wine waiter and then to Chevron Hotel as a food waiter and my wages stayed the same but the tips were around $200 a week as I found I was very good at it and earned more than the CEO’s I was serving!

About now I fell in love and my life changed completely.  Lovemaking became the most exciting,rewarding,joyful exchange of human emotion imagineable and we stayed in love until she died a few months ago. Married to another for all those years after we split after 3 or 4 years due to my becoming interested in Scientology and she, who had been a Catholic, saying,”God, haven’t I changed enough!?” and went back to smoking which I hated and that was it.  One of the greatest mistakes of my life – but at 22, what do you know?

During this period I had seen the coming of the Espresso Machine and bought one on time payment and put it in the Causeway, in the City of Melbourne. It was great success. After a fall out with the Landlord I moved it to the Olympic Games Press Club in 1956 – was that a buzz!

Soon after I sold the machine and did a founding course in Scientology, becoming a Hubbard Professional Auditor and meeting Helen my first wife and setting up a practice together in Kew and then going overseas in 1959 to do a six week Advanced Clinical Course with Ron Hubbard and about 60 others like ourselves. Fantastic! We were the first to run Engrams (moments of pain and unconsciousness containing real or imaginary threats to survival) that actually went earlier than this lifetime.  I was lucky enough to get as my subject a retired Air Force pilot who had flown in the war as a Major and was Jim Bowie in 1836, dying in the Alamo. Very real. As were my own recalls of being a Portugese pirate. I studied Spanish at Flinders Uni near Adelaide and the instuctor, on hearing my Spanish said I had a very Portugese accent and I replied, “That figures!” He didn’t ask me to elucidate.

Whilst working as a founder of the Hubbard Association of Scientologisdts International (The HASI) I spent 6 months studying in Auckland. It was after my return from NZ that Helen and I married.  We had a boy and a girl, Simon and Samantha, and ten great years together. During this time we opened The Pancake Kitchen, Adelaide, in Gilbert Place, and later The Pancake Parlour in Melbourne off Bourke Street and after we split up, many others around Melbourne and Australia – even one in Tokyo which I believe is still going.

Helen and I got the idea of pancakes driving down to Florida in a borrowed Volkswagen in 1959.  It took a few years to make the money to start what became a very successful chain of restaurants, all Australian owned and few of franchised, most of which failed. It’s funny, you only have 3000  little things to do to run a successful Pancake Parlour – but asll of them though simple are essential.

I’ve stayed interested in Scientology all my life – although costly (air fares to and from America are just a start) I could not pay for what I’ve got out of it in 10 lifetimes of income. I’m currently working on making another fortune (I lost six million with the six months pilots’ strike) so I can spend six months in the Bahamas doing the rest of things I want to finish – which will last me into infinity.

I am currently helping to save the world by becoming an internet deal broker (this is one avenue you are reading right now) to at least save the bees in Australia from extinction from an African small hive beetle whgich an Australian has invented a $5 trap for. Worldwide a virus is wiping out the bees with no known cure. Humanity depends on bees for cross pollination. Without them we have 3 years to live.

Another project is half a tablet costing $3 in your car’s petrol or diesel or LPG tank to raise combustion and almost totally clean emissions and thus aid reduction of Global Warming.  You save about 200 kms. with a normal car in Oz. The response is underwhelming. We don’t deserve a clean habitable planet.

I will greatly extend this list shortly. Stay tuned. Don’t hesitate to call 61-3 5461 3346 or email roger.meadmore@gmail.com for more info or enough to buy on paypal.

Ciao for now,



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